Our site, its meaning

We are a small company made of few individuals, some of us have their own and personal portfolio, and we are only acting without causing harm to anyone.
However, some harmful people caused many loss to us, by hacking our server and deleting our files...
Their reason was apparently to spread a message talking about the freedom and misery of this world.
But the question that makes us wonder is: why the hell our company ?
We are not government related, our site is just online to better introduce ourselves.
We didn't know that "AnonCoders" personally wanted to damage us, we still don't know what we did...
Apparently, Muslims are once again innocent, it has been proven acts after acts, they're tolerent and peaceful, we all know that, (of course), but understand us, we have nothing related to your stories, and we just ask our site to be fully restored.
However, all our important files have been deleted, and our domain sitenano.net
's main page has been replaced with their message about Muslims.
You should know that we didn't want it there, and it has been placed here without our agreement.
We are highly sorry and we apologize to our writers, supporters and of course visitors that enjoy our blog.
Also, we are more than highly sorry to ask from them an essential help, for us to recover this attack.
We need some money to pay our hosting company that will help us to prevent this happening again,they will also attempt to help us restoring the core of our blog.
We aren't by asking this, forcing anyone to help us, you're already doing so by your visits, your involvement in making our site what it was.
If you are willing to donate, we're not asking for any price, if you donate $00.01, we will be thankful, because the money doesn't mean anything, your act only means you're agreeing with us and what we usually and always shared.


Above is our bitcoin address, you can also scan this "Quick Response" code image to proove its authenticity.

Once again, we're thanking anyone willing to help and we are so sorry for this issue.
Our only way to get back up is to ask the help of our users, unfortunately we have no other solution.
We will attempt to raise $500.00, we strongly keep hope about this to be done.
But we don't consider your donations as nothing, also, we decided to personally thank anyone who wishes to be thanked, that's why, after your donation, if you wish to, you can provide us
a name, that we will print on a future possible post show from our site, if of course we can be back online.
You can contact us to provide it at the following e-mail address:
Thanks a lot everyone, we've been strong, and we will go ahead anyway.